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Research interests

IR Theory; Security Studies; Geopolitics; Multilevel Governance; Energy Security


Watch Out for Peace: The Polemic Nature of a Horizon Desired

Wetenschapstoets Defensienota ‘Sterker Nederland, veiliger Europa’: Het doel heiligt de middelen? Of andersom?

Balance of Power: Adversarial Pair of Scales or Associational Arch?

Anachronistic Research in International Relations and Security Studies

Introduction - Smart Grids: Design, Analysis and Implementation of a New Socio-Technical System

Reviewing History and IR Journals: Academic Publication Practices and Dominance in World Society

Smart Grids from a Global Perspective: bridging old and new energy systems

The Ukraine Crisis as an Explosive Anachronism

De vlag als klederdracht?: Nationaal belang in internationaal perspectief


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Eén jaar oorlog in Oekraïne: vrede of verdere escalatie?

Geld in overvloed voor Defensie, maar wat is het doel?