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Association between TNF Receptors and KIM-1 with Kidney Outcomes in Early-Stage Diabetic Kidney Disease

Improving the aseptic transfer procedures in hospital pharmacies part C: Evaluation and redesign of the transfer process

Population pharmacokinetic model and limited sampling strategy for clozapine using plasma and dried blood spot samples

Population Pharmacokinetic Modelling and Limited Sampling Strategies for Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of Pyrazinamide in Patients with Tuberculosis

Timely administration of tocilizumab improves outcome of hospitalized COVID-19 patients

Basic aspects of good manufacturing practice for PET-rediopharmaceuticals

First-in-Human Phase I Clinical Trial of an SFV-Based RNA Replicon Cancer Vaccine against HPV-Induced Cancers

Improving the aseptic transfer procedures in hospital pharmacies part A: Methods for the determination of the surface bioburden on ampoules and vials

Infliximab formulation strategy for a stable ileo-colonic targeted oral dosage form intended for the topical treatment of inflammatory bowel disease

Optimization of Fluconazole Dosing for the Prevention and Treatment of Invasive Candidiasis Based on the Pharmacokinetics of Fluconazole in Critically Ill Patients

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UMCG gaat strijd aan tegen geneesmiddelkaping door farmaceuten

Waarom pillen steeds beter werken (Dagblad van het Noorden)

Interview zorg instituut Nederland

Nog genoeg medicatie Covid-19, maar lange termijn is onzeker

Ziekenhuizen in Noord-Nederland gaan samenwerken om tekorten van medicatie te voorkomen

Waarom pillen steeds beter werken [Dagblad van het Noorden]

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