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In vivo Assembly of Artificial Metalloenzymes and Application in Whole-Cell Biocatalysis

Rapid and selective chemical editing of Ribosomally synthesized and Post-translationally modified Peptides (RiPPs) via Cu(II)-catalyzed β-borylation of dehydroamino acids

A Hydroxyquinoline-Based Unnatural Amino Acid for the Design of Novel Artificial Metalloenzymes

A trifunctional linker for palmitoylation and peptide and protein localization in biological membranes

A Water-Soluble Iridium Photocatalyst for Chemical Modification of Dehydroalanines in Peptides and Proteins

Artificial Metalloenzymes based on TetR Proteins and Cu(II) for Enantioselective Friedel-Crafts Alkylation Reactions

Cationic iron porphyrins with sodium dodecyl sulphate for micellar catalysis of cyclopropanation reactions

Characterization of two relacidines belonging to a novel class of circular lipopeptides that act against Gram-negative bacterial pathogens

Cofactor Binding Dynamics Influence the Catalytic Activity and Selectivity of an Artificial Metalloenzyme

Cu(ii)-Catalysed β-silylation of dehydroalanine residues in peptides and proteins

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