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A distinctive profile of family genetic risk scores in a Swedish national sample of cases of fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, and chronic fatigue syndrome compared to rheumatoid arthritis and major depression

Building a bridge between multidisciplinary insights and practice: The development of an e-learning for internal residents about sex, gender and persistent somatic symptoms

Can the bodily distress syndrome (BDS) concept be used to assess functional somatic symptoms in adolescence?

Cognitive task performance and subjective cognitive symptoms in individuals with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Fibromyalgia: A cross-sectional analysis of the Lifelines cohort study

Development of a blended communication training program for managing medically unexplained symptoms in primary care using the intervention mapping approach

Differences Between Women and Men Are Present in the Rate of Diagnosed Diseases After a Diagnostic Intervention is Conducted in Primary Care

Effects of childhood adversity and cortisol levels on suicidal ideation and behaviour: Results from a general population study

Factors associated with Self Rated Health in persons with tinnitus from the general population

Female sex and femininity independently associate with common somatic symptom trajectories

Lessons learned on sex, gender and sexual orientation in large-scale general population cohort studies.

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Onderzoek: een op acht coronapatiënten houdt langdurige klachten

Een op de acht krijgt long covid

Long covid: vooral spierpijn en moe, of is er meer aan de hand?

Wat zijn de economische gevolgen van long covid?

Lifelines newsletter: New Lifelines videos - experience of researchers

De uitputtingsslag van LONG COVID

Bron van ellende en wetenschap

De lange adem van corona

Experts waarschuwen voor gevolgen 'stille ramp' langdurige Covid

Experts: 'Leven van long covid patiënten komt tot stilstand'

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