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Choice of DNA extraction method affects stool microbiome recovery and subsequent phenotypic association analyses

Genome-wide characterization of circulating metabolic biomarkers

Host genetic regulation of human gut microbial structural variation

Picalo: principal interaction component analysis for the identification of discrete technical, cell-type, and environmental factors that mediate eQTLs

Transmission and dynamics of mother-infant gut viruses during pregnancy and early life

Unraveling interindividual variation of trimethylamine N-oxide and its precursors at the population level

Analysis of microbial composition and sharing in low-biomass human milk samples: a comparison of DNA isolation and sequencing techniques

Beyond personal space: Unveiling the transmission pattern of the human gut and oral microbiome

CRISPR dynamics during the interaction between bacteria and phage in the first year of life

Dual UHPLC-HRMS Metabolomics and Lipidomics and Automated Data Processing Workflow for Comprehensive High-Throughput Gut Phenotyping

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Darmbacteriën worden door bloedgroep A suikers gevoed en houden je gezond

UMCG-hoogleraar Jingyuan Fu wint prijs van 3,5 ton voor onderzoek naar darmmicrobioom

Jingyuan Fu wins Ammodo Science Prize 2023

Human Plasma Metabolome Shaped by Genetics, Diet, Gut Microbiome

Gut study reveals DNA changes in bacteria may alter how the body absorbs fat

《细胞》突破!傅静远团队开发出肠道微生物指纹算法 能根据粪便微生物组成定位受试者




Vici-beurs voor drie Groninger onderzoekers

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