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A Benchmark of Genetic Variant Calling Pipelines Using Metagenomic Short-Read Sequencing

A combination of fecal calprotectin and human beta-defensin 2 facilitates diagnosis and monitoring of inflammatory bowel disease

Association of Insulin Resistance and Type 2 Diabetes With Gut Microbial Diversity A Microbiome-Wide Analysis From Population Studies

Characterization of gut microbial structural variations as determinants of human bile acid metabolism

Cholangiopathy and biliary fibrosis in Cyp2c70-deficient mice are fully reversed by ursodeoxycholic acid

Environment-host-microbe interactions shape human metabolism

Gut microbiome and bile acids in obesity-related diseases

Healthy Cotwins Share Gut Microbiome Signatures With Their Inflammatory Bowel Disease Twins and Unrelated Patients

Inflammatory Protein Profiles in Plasma of Candidaemia Patients and the Contribution of Host Genetics to Their Variability

Large-scale association analyses identify host factors influencing human gut microbiome composition

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The microbes in your gut do not live alone