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understanding variation in human performance.

Medical simulation

Sleep in ICU patients



Development and Evaluation of the Taxonomy of Trauma Leadership Skills-Shortened for Observation and Reflection in Training: A Practical Tool for Observing and Reflecting on Trauma Leadership Performance

Expertise as a domain of epistemics in intensive care shift-handovers

Psychological distress among frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic: A mixed-methods study

Should the ultrasound probe replace your stethoscope?: A SICS-I sub-study comparing lung ultrasound and pulmonary auscultation in the critically ill

The importance of the intensive care unit environment in sleep-A study with healthy participants

Entrustable professional activities (EPAs) for postgraduate competency based intensive care medicine training in the Netherlands: The next step towards excellence in intensive care medicine training

Challenges for conducting and teaching handovers as collaborative conversations: An interview study at teaching ICUs

Systematic review of the effects of intensive-care-unit noise on sleep of healthy subjects and the critically ill

Are graduated intensivists prepared for practice?: A case study from The Netherlands

Sleep deprived and unprepared

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Kwaliteitsdashboard voor medische vervolgopleidingen

UMCG lanceert centraal kwaliteitsdashboard voor medische vervolgopleidingen