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How to find us dr. J.E.M. (Erjen) van Nierop

dr. J.E.M. van Nierop

Associate Professor
dr. J.E.M. van Nierop


“Retrieving Unobserved Consideration Sets from Household Panel Data”, (first author, with R. Paap, B. Bronnenberg, P.H. Franses & M. Wedel), Journal of Marketing Research, February 2010, Volume: 47 (1), pp 63-74.

“The introduction of the 5-year impact factor: does it benefit statistics journals?”, (single-authored), Statistica Neerlandica, February 2010, Volume 64 (1), pp 71–76.

 “Why do statistics journals have low impact factors?” (single-authored), Statistica Neerlandica, February 2009, Volume 63 (1), pp 52-62.

"Interaction Between Shelf Layout and Marketing Effectiveness and Its Impact On Optimizing Shelf Arrangements" (first author, with D. Fok and P.H. Franses), Marketing Science, Volume 27, Issue 6, November–December 2008, pp. 1065–1082

“When Five is a Crowd in the Market Share Attraction Model: The Dynamic Stability of Competition”, with P. Farris, P. Pfeifer and D. Reibstein, 2005, Marketing – Journal of Research and Management, Volume 1, Issue 1.

"Consideration Sets, Intentions and the Inclusion of 'Don't Know' in a Two-Stage Model for Voter Choice" (with R. Paap, H.J. van Heerde, M. Wedel, P.H. Franses & K.J. Alsem), 2004, International Journal of Forecasting, forthcoming.

“Modeling consideration sets and brand choice using artificial neural networks”, with Björn Vroomen and Philip Hans Franses, European Journal of Operational Research, 2004, vol. 154, 206-217.

“An Empirical Study of Cash Payments”, with Jeanine Kippers, Richard Paap and Philip Hans Franses, Statistica Neerlandica, 2003, vol. 57, 484-508.

“Advanced Choice Models”, Doctoral Thesis, Tinbergen Institute, Erasmus University Rotterdam, December 2002.

"Path Dependencies and the Long-term Effects of Routinized Marketing Decisions", with Paul Farris, Willem Verbeke and Peter Dickson, Marketing Letters, 1998, Vol. 9 (Issue 3), 247-268 (22).

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