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Gold-Aluminyl and Gold-Diarylboryl Complexes: Bonding and Reactivity with Carbon Dioxide

Homolytic X-H Bond Cleavage at a Gold(III) Hydroxide: Insights into One-Electron Events at Gold

Toward Environmentally Benign Electrophilic Chlorinations: From Chloroperoxidase to Bioinspired Isoporphyrins

Combining Structural with Functional Model Properties in Iron Synthetic Analogue Complexes for the Active Site in Rabbit Lipoxygenase

Efficient Computation of Geometries for Gold Complexes

Gold-Catalyzed Direct C(sp3)−H Acetoxylation of Saturated Hydrocarbons

Synthesis of a Sterically Encumbered Pincer Au(III)−OH Complex

The electronic structure of carbones revealed: insights from valence bond theory

Spin-resolved charge displacement analysis as an intuitive tool for the evaluation of cPCET and HAT scenarios

Cationic Gold(I) Diarylallenylidene Complexes: Bonding Features and Ligand Effects

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