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The electronic structure of carbones revealed: insights from valence bond theory

Cationic Gold(I) Diarylallenylidene Complexes: Bonding Features and Ligand Effects

Epoxidation of Alkenes by Peracids: From Textbook Mechanisms to a Quantum Mechanically Derived Curly-Arrow Depiction

Facile Conversion of syn-[Fe-IV(O)(TMC)](2+) into the anti Isomer via Meunier's Oxo-Hydroxo Tautomerism Mechanism

Light-Induced Mechanistic Divergence in Gold(I) Catalysis: Revisiting the Reactivity of Diazonium Salts

Sigma-Noninnocence: Masked Phenyl-Cation Transfer at Formal Ni-IV

cPCET versus HAT: A Direct Theoretical Method for Distinguishing X-H Bond-Activation Mechanisms

On the Lewis Acidity of the Oxoiron(IV) Unit in a Tetramethylcyclam Complex

The Pentagonal-Pyramidal Hexamethylbenzene Dication: Many Shades of Coordination Chemistry at Carbon

Assessment of electronic structure methods for the determination of the ground spin states of Fe(II), Fe(III) and Fe(IV) complexes

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