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Comparison of Multiple Diagnostic Tests to Measure Dynamic Hyperinflation in Patients with Severe Emphysema Treated with Endobronchial Coils

Correction to: Safety of denervation following targeted lung denervation therapy for COPD: AIRFLOW-1 3-year outcomes

HRCT characteristics of severe emphysema patients: Interobserver variability among expert readers and comparison with quantitative software

New bronchoscopic treatment modalities for patients with chronic bronchitis

Patient Satisfaction and Attainment of Patient-specific Goals after Endobronchial Valve Treatment

Response to Endobronchial Valve Treatment in Emphysema Patients With Moderate Hyperinflation

A prospective safety and feasibility study of metered cryospray for patients with chronic bronchitis in COPD

Change in Dynamic Hyperinflation After Bronchoscopic Lung Volume Reduction in Patients with Emphysema

CT-Derived Pulmonary Artery Diameters to Preselect for Echocardiography in COPD Patients Eligible for Bronchoscopic Treatments

Determining Static Hyperinflation in Patients with Severe Emphysema: Relation Between Lung Function Parameters and Patient-Related Outcomes

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Assessing the DIAphragM Before ANd After Endobronchial Valve Treatment (DIAMANT)