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Ileal transposition: A non-restrictive bariatric surgical procedure that reduces body fat and increases ingestion-related energy expenditure

Running wheel access fails to resolve impaired sustainable health in mice feeding a high fat sucrose diet

Hepatic portal vein cannulation for infusion and blood sampling in freely moving rats

Individual behavioral characteristics of wild-type rats predict susceptibility to experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis

Insulin levels after portal and systemic insulin infusion differ in a dose-dependent fashion

Control of insulin secretion and glucose homeostasis in exercising diabetic rats with intrasplenic or kidney subcapsular islet grafts

Sympathoadrenal activity during exercise in partial diabetic and diabetic rats

Kinetics of intraperitoneally infused insulin in rats - Functional implications for the bioartificial pancreas

Overfeeding-Induced Obesity in Rats: Insulin Sensitivity and Autonomic Regulation of Metabolism

Hyperinsulinemia and Glucose Tolerance in Obese Rats With Lesions of the Ventromedial Hypothalamus: Dependence on Food Intake and Route of Administration

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