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Feasibility of pharmacokinetic parametric PET images in scaled subprofile modelling using principal component analysis

No evidence for decreased D2/3 receptor availability and frontal hypoperfusion in subjects with compulsive pornography use

Changes in D 2R and SERT Availability in the Rat Brain After Depressive-like Behavior Recovery in the Repeated Social Defeat Model

Chronic harmine treatment has a delayed effect on mobility in control and socially defeated rats

Delayed Effects of a Single Dose Whole-Brain Radiation Therapy on Glucose Metabolism and Myelin Density: a Longitudinal PET Study

Effect of dopamine D2 receptor antagonists on [18F]-FEOBV binding


Intrastriatal gradient analyses of 18F-FDOPA PET scans for differentiation of Parkinsonian disorders

Modeling of [F-18]FEOBV Pharmacokinetics in Rat Brain

Ovariectomy-induced depressive-like behavior and brain glucose metabolism changes in female rats are not affected by chronic mild stress

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