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A new perspective on balancing life domains: work-nonwork balance crafting

Entrepreneur coaches’ flow and well-being: the role of recovery

Integrative review: Vacations and subjective well-being

Job and off-job crafting profiles: Time-lagged relationships with job, home and personal resources and well-being outcomes

Needs-based job crafting: Validation of a new scale based on psychological needs

Crafting and human energy: Needs-based crafting efforts across life domains shape employees’ daily energy trajectories

Daily sleep in relation to subjective and physiological stress in an occupational context daily vigor as a mediator

The Effectiveness of a Hybrid Off-Job Crafting Intervention on Employees’ Psychological Needs Satisfaction and Well-Being

Being an accountant, cook, entertainer and teacher-all at the same time: Changes in employees' work and work-related well-being during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

Crafting work-nonwork balance involving life domain boundaries: Development and validation of a novel scale across five countries

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Frust am Arbeitsplatz: Job Crafting oder kündigen?

‘Workcations’ Aren’t an Escape. They’re Practice.

The Social Impact of Work-Rest Balance

How to think smart about your downtime

Making holidays work

The Smartest Way to Take a Vacation

Lomanhäpäisijä merten takaa

Why Your Brain Needs More Downtime

Der Schlüssel zur Erholung

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