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Always on, never done? How the mind recovers after a stressful workday?

Being an accountant, cook, entertainer and teacher-all at the same time: Changes in employees' work and work-related well-being during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

Drammatic breaks: Break recovery experiences as mediators between job demands and affect in the afternoon and evening

Need Satisfaction and Optimal Functioning at Leisure and Work: A Longitudinal Validation Study of the DRAMMA Model

Putting the Episodic Process Model to the Test: Explaining Intraindividual Fluctuations in Job Performance Across the Working Day

Recovery in occupational health psychology and human resource management research: An Interview with Prof. Sabine Sonnentag and Prof. Ute Stephan

The Forgotten Ones: Crafting for Meaning and for Affiliation in the Context of Finnish and Japanese Employees' Off-Job Lives

An identity-based integrative needs model of crafting: Crafting within and across life domains

Efficacy of a smartphone-based intervention - "Holidaily" - promoting recovery behaviour in workers after a vacation: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

How to recover during and from a pandemic

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Improve Your Mental Health – Book a Holiday!

Reader’s call: how do you stay relaxed after the summer?

Hoe blijft u na de zomer ontspannen?

Skip de postvakantiedip: zo verleng je je vakantiegevoel in coronatijd

Taking a Vacation Might Save Your Life

Vier tips voor een betere werk-privébalans, ook zonder recht op onbereikbaarheid

Vrij is vrij: is het ongezond om tóch te werken op een vrije dag?

Vrij is vrij: is het ongezond om tóch te werken op een vrije dag?

Verlangen naar het vakantiegevoel

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