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Authors' response to Graham Rook's commentary

Between a hygiene rock and a hygienic hard place: Avoiding SARS-CoV-2 while needing environmental exposures for immunity

Multiple sclerosis is linked to MAPK(ERK) overactivity in microglia

No evident systemic terminal complement pathway activation in hidradenitis suppurativa

Nutritional and ecological perspectives of the interrelationships between diet and the gut microbiome in multiple sclerosis: Insights from marmosets

Spinal fluid IgG antibodies from patients with demyelinating diseases bind multiple sclerosis-associated bacteria

Systemic administration of beta-glucan induces immune training in microglia

VISTA regulates microglia homeostasis and myelin phagocytosis, and is associated with MS lesion pathology

Bacterial Peptidoglycan as a Driver of Chronic Brain Inflammation

Coating of a Novel Antimicrobial Nanoparticle with a Macrophage Membrane for the Selective Entry into Infected Macrophages and Killing of Intracellular Staphylococci

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Alice in Wonderland: co-evolutie mens, dier en microbe

TNRR2 als een aangrijpingspunt voor de behandeling van MS