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Online Processing of Temporal Agreement in a Grammatical Tone Language: An ERP Study

Articulatory Variability is Reduced by Repetition and Predictability

Cognitive Flexibility in Cognitive Architecture: Simulating using Contextual Learning in PRIMs

Order matters! Influences of linear order on linguistic category learning

P.303 Adjusting ruminative thinking? Effects of positive fantasizing vs. stress induction on perseverative cognition in individuals with varying vulnerability for depression

Analyzing the Time Course of Pupillometric Data

Applying the Visual World Paradigm in the Investigation of Preschoolers’ Online Reference Processing in a Naturalistic Discourse

Discoveries of the Algebraic Mind: A PRIMs Model

Lexical and frequency effects on keystroke timing: Challenges to a lexical search account from a type-to-copy task.

Pupil size reflects the time course of lexical access during production

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Hoe ontstaan uitdrukkingen en spreekwoorden? - Wat het daglicht niet verdragen kan

National citizen science project for the Weekend of Science 2019