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Fetal-neonatal exposure to antibiotics and NEC development: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Gene expression in the intestine of newborn piglets after hypoxia-reoxygenation

Genotype-phenotype relationships of truncating mutations, p.E297G and p.D482G in bile salt export pump deficiency

Incidence of Isolated Biliary Atresia during the COVID Lockdown in Europe: Results from a Collaborative Project by RARE-Liver

Surgery or comfort care for neonates with surgical necrotizing enterocolitis: Lessons learned from behavioral artificial intelligence technology

Biliary Atresia in 2021: Epidemiology, Screening and Public Policy

Centralization of pediatric surgical care in the Netherlands: Lessons learned

Controversies in Choledochal Malformation in Children: An International Survey among Pediatric Hepatobiliary Surgeons and Gastroenterologists

Intestinal Oxygenation and Survival After Surgery for Necrotizing Enterocolitis: An Observational Cohort Study

Neonatal anemia relates to intestinal injury in preterm infants

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