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Altered Posterior Midline Activity in Patients with Jerky and Tremulous Functional Movement Disorders

Cortical and subcortical neuroanatomical signatures of schizotypy in 3004 individuals assessed in a worldwide ENIGMA study

Depressive symptom trajectory following romantic relationship breakup and effects of rumination, neuroticism and cognitive control

Fatigue following mild traumatic brain injury relates to visual processing and effort perception in the context of motor performance

Impaired response inhibition during a stop-signal task in children with Tourette syndrome is related to ADHD symptoms: A functional magnetic resonance imaging study

Increased Ipsilateral M1 Activation after Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury Facilitates Motor Performance

Insight does not come at random: Individual gray matter networks relate to clinical and cognitive insight in schizophrenia

Virtual reality facial emotion recognition in social environments: An eye-tracking study

Widespread white matter aberration is associated with the severity of apathy in amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment: Tract-based spatial statistics analysis

Working Memory Alterations After a Romantic Relationship Breakup

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