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The type three secretion system facilitates migration of Burkholderia terrae BS001 in the mycosphere of two soil-borne fungi

IncP-1 beta Plasmids Are Important Carriers of Fitness Traits for Variovorax Species in the Mycosphere-Two Novel Plasmids, pHB44 and pBS64, with Differential Effects Unveiled

Inhibition of Mushroom Formation and Induction of Glycerol Release-Ecological Strategies of Burkholderia terrae BS001 to Create a Hospitable Niche at the Fungus Lyophyllum sp Strain Karsten

Hitchhikers on the fungal highway: The helper effect for bacterial migration via fungal hyphae

Lyophyllum sp. strain Karsten alleviates pH pressure in acid soil and enhances the survival of Variovorax paradoxus HB44 and other bacteria in the mycosphere

Selection of Variovorax paradoxus-like bacteria in the mycosphere and the role of fungal-released compounds

Bacterial response to ecological opportunities offered by soil fungi

Mechanisms that promote bacterial fitness in fungal-affected soil microhabitats

Migratory Response of Soil Bacteria to Lyophyllum sp. Strain Karsten in Soil Microcosms

Selection of Sphingomonadaceae at the Base of Laccaria proxima and Russula exalbicans Fruiting Bodies

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