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A High-Coverage Mesolithic Aurochs Genome and Effective Leveraging of Ancient Cattle Genomes Using Whole Genome Imputation

Going against the grain?: The transition to farming in the Dutch wetlands re-examined (5000–4000 BCE)

Hunting before herding: A zooarchaeological and stable isotopic study of suids (Sus sp.) at Hardinxveld-Giessendam, the Netherlands (5450–4250 cal BC)

Imputation of Ancient Whole Genome Sus scrofa DNA Introduces Biases Toward Main Population Components in the Reference Panel

No compelling evidence for early small-scale animal husbandry in Atlantic NW Europe

Before animal husbandry: Investigating the beginning of animal husbandry in the Dutch wetlands through zooarchaeology, palaeogenomics, stable isotope analysis, and high-precision radiocarbon chronology

Honderd jaar archeozoölogie in Groningen

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Archeologie-promovendi passen Nobelprijswinnend dna-onderzoek toe

Archaeology PhD students apply Nobel Prize-winning DNA research

Van wilde oeros tot tamme koe