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Deep learning-based outcome prediction using PET/CT and automatically predicted probability maps of primary tumor in patients with oropharyngeal cancer

Evaluation of a new two-step frailty assessment of head and neck patients in a prospective cohort

External validation of a lung cancer-based prediction model for two-year mortality in esophageal cancer patient cohorts

Head and neck cancer patients with geriatric deficits are more often non-responders and lost from follow-up in quality of life studies

Het patroon van lokaal recidief na prostatectomie op PSMA PET/CT-scan

Late-xerostomia prediction model based on 18F-FDG PET image biomarkers of the main salivary glands

Less pneumonia after nCRT and resection in oesophageal cancer using proton RT

Nasopharyngeal carcinoma: nationwide trends in subtype-specific incidence and survival over 3 decades in a non-endemic area

Optimal timing of re-planning for head and neck adaptive radiotherapy

Pelvic lymph node motion during cone-beam computed tomography guided stereotactic radiotherapy

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Protonentherapie UMCG dit jaar toegepast bij 480 patiënten, verwachting niet gehaald

Online Platform Improves Proton Therapy Delivery

IBA launches the world's first online proton therapy platform

IBA lance Campus : la première plateforme en ligne de protonthérapie au monde

IBA launches the world’s first online proton therapy platform

Protonentherapie is soms zinvoller dan gewone bestraling

Highlights of 2019

Protonenbestraling voor longkankerpatiënten

Na succesvolle proef in Groningen: Longkankerpatienten krijgen voortaan protonenbestraling vergoed

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