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Physical Activity and Cardiac Function in Long-Term Breast Cancer Survivors: A Cross-Sectional Study

Shared-care survivorship program for testicular cancer patients: safe and feasible

Testicular seminoma and non-seminoma: ESMO-EURACAN Clinical Practice Guideline for diagnosis, treatment and follow-up

Bariatric surgery in a testicular cancer survivor: Restoring both metabolic and testosterone status

Cognitive Impairment in Long-Term Survivors of Testicular Cancer More Than 20 Years after Treatment

Comprehensive Assessment of Incidence, Risk Factors, and Mechanisms of Impaired Medical and Psychosocial Health Outcomes among Adolescents and Young Adults with Cancer: Protocol of the Prospective Observational COMPRAYA Cohort Study

Dose-Dependent Effect of Platinum-Based Chemotherapy on the Risk of Metachronous Contralateral Testicular Cancer

Effects of supervised exercise during adjuvant endocrine therapy in overweight or obese patients with breast cancer: The I-MOVE study

First-in-human study of the biodistribution and pharmacokinetics of 89Zr-CX-072, a novel immunopet tracer based on an anti–PD-L1 probody

Genome-wide association study of cardiovascular disease in testicular cancer patients treated with platinum-based chemotherapy

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Samenwerken 'om iedere kankerpatiënt de nieuwste behandeling te geven'

Bijna één miljoen kankerpatiënten en het ontbreekt aan goede nazorg