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Development of a Combined Lipid-Based Nanoparticle Formulation for Enhanced siRNA Delivery to Vascular Endothelial Cells

Renal microvascular endothelial cell responses in sepsis-induced acute kidney injury

Comparative transcriptome analysis of inner blood-retinal barrier and blood-brain barrier in rats

Glomerular Endothelial Cells as Instigators of Glomerular Sclerotic Diseases

Epigenetic Regulation of the Glomerular Endothelial Glycocalyx by Enhancer of Zeste Homolog-2 (EZH2) Histone Methyltransferase in Diabetic Nephropathy

Targeted Liposomal Delivery of NF-kappa B siRNA to Endothelial Cells Abrogates Anti-MPO Antibody-Induced Glomerulonephritis

Endothelium-targeted delivery of dexamethasone by anti-VCAM-1 SAINT-O-Somes in mouse endotoxemia

E-selectin targeted immunoliposomes for rapamycin delivery to activated endothelial cells

PLGA-PEG nanoparticles for targeted delivery of the mTOR/PI3kinase inhibitor dactolisib to inflamed endothelium

Positron emission tomography (PET) and single photon emission computed tomography (SPELT) imaging of macrophages in large vessel vasculitis: Current status and future prospects

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