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Unbiased estimator of correlation coefficient

Estimation and Testing Hypotheses in Two-Level and Three-Level Multivariate Data with Block Compound Symmetric Covariance Structure

On Drawbacks of Least Squares Lehmann-Scheffé Estimation of Variance Components

Testing of Multivariate Repeated Measures Data with Block Exchangeable Covariance Structure

Majority of cerebrospinal fluid-contacting neurons in the spinal cord of C57Bl/6 N mice is present in ectopic position unlike in other studied experimental mice strains and mammalian species

Mean value test for three-level multivariate observations with doubly exchangeable covariance structure

On intraclass structure estimation in the growth curve model

Testing in the Growth Curve Model with intraclass correlation structure

On Quantitative Determination of the Degree of Independence of Qubit Transformation by a Quantum Gate or Channel

Relationship between the MDS-UPDRS and Quality of Life: A large multicenter study of 3206 patients

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