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How to find us prof. dr. I.M. (Irene) van Langen

Research interests

ELSI: Ethical Legal Social Issues in (Clinical) Genetics and genetic screening in the Next Generation Sequencing Era


Couple-based expanded carrier screening provided by general practitioners to couples in the Dutch general population: psychological outcomes and reproductive intentions

Parental experiences of rapid exome sequencing in cases with major ultrasound anomalies during pregnancy

A prospective study on rapid exome sequencing as a diagnostic test for multiple congenital anomalies on fetal ultrasound

Cognitive and affective outcomes of genetic counselling in the Netherlands at group and individual level: a personalized approach seems necessary

Expanding the clinical and genetic spectrum of ALPK3 variants: Phenotypes identified in pediatric cardiomyopathy patients and adults with heterozygous variants

GP-provided couple-based expanded preconception carrier screening in the Dutch general population: who accepts the test-offer and why?

Implicaties van erfelijke aandoeningen .

Lessons learned from rapid Exome Sequencing(rES)as a standard diagnostic test in a prenatal setting for fetuses with ultrasound abnormalities.

Long-Term Follow-Up Study on the Uptake of Genetic Counseling and Predictive DNA Testing in Inherited Cardiac Conditions

Parental experiences of rapid Exome Sequencing in case of serious ultrasound abnormalities during pregnancy

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Aanbieden UMCG-dragerschapstest via getrainde huisarts is verantwoord

Genetici UMC Groningen willen proef met test naar erfelijke ziektes voor alle wensouders

Aanbieden UMCG-dragerschapstest via getrainde huisarts is verantwoord

Link to ELSI website (including news, publications in non-academic media and radio/tv

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