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Correlative Light- and Electron Microscopy in Peroxisome Research

Gluing yeast peroxisomes - composition and function of membrane contact sites

Novel targeting assay uncovers targeting information within peroxisomal ABC transporter Pxa1

Dual role of Mic10 in mitochondrial cristae organization and ATP synthase-linked metabolic adaptation and respiratory growth

Structure-function analysis of the ER-peroxisome contact site protein Pex32

Yeast Vps13 is Crucial for Peroxisome Expansion in Cells With Reduced Peroxisome-ER Contact Sites

Comparative Genomics of Peroxisome Biogenesis Proteins: Making Sense of the PEX Proteins

Flotillin-mediated membrane fluidity controls peptidoglycan synthesis and MreB movement

Hansenula polymorpha Pex37 is a peroxisomal membrane protein required for organelle fission and segregation

Hansenula Polymorpha Vac8: A Vacuolar Membrane Protein Required for Vacuole Inheritance and Nucleus-Vacuole Junction Formation

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Mitochondria Efficiently Adapt to Changing Metabolic Conditions

Mitochondria efficiently adapt to changing metabolic conditions — ScienceDaily

Mitochondria efficiently adapt to changing metabolic conditions

Mitochondrien stellen sich effizient auf veränderte Stoffwechselbedingungen ein

Mitochondria efficiently adapt to changing metabolic conditions

Meer vrouwen, meer werkdruk: commissies vragen teveel van vrouwen

STILTE voor de storm

Grote EU-subsidie voor onderzoek aan paroxismen: Prof. dr. Ida van der Klei coördineert onderzoek PerFuMe

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