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Flotillin-mediated membrane fluidity controls peptidoglycan synthesis and MreB movement

Hansenula polymorpha Pex37 is a peroxisomal membrane protein required for organelle fission and segregation

Peroxisome retention involves Inp1-dependent peroxisome-plasma membrane contact sites in yeast

Pex24 and Pex32 are required to tether peroxisomes to the ER for organelle biogenesis, positioning and segregation in yeast

Peroxisome development in yeast is associated with the formation of Pex3-dependent peroxisome-vacuole contact sites

Peroxisome Maintenance Depends on De Novo Peroxisome Formation in Yeast Mutants Defective in Peroxisome Fission and Inheritance

Peroxisomes: New insights into protein sorting, dynamics, quality control, signalling and roles in health and disease

The peroxisome biogenesis factors Pex3 and Pex19: Multitasking proteins with disputed functions

Assembly of the Mitochondrial Cristae Organizer Mic10 is Regulated by Mic26-Mic27 Antagonism and Cardiolipin

Yeast cells contain a heterogeneous population of peroxisomes that segregate asymmetrically during cell division

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Meer vrouwen, meer werkdruk: commissies vragen teveel van vrouwen

STILTE voor de storm

Grote EU-subsidie voor onderzoek aan paroxismen: Prof. dr. Ida van der Klei coördineert onderzoek PerFuMe