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iPSC-derived organ-on-a-chip models for personalized human genetics and pharmacogenomics studies

Phage display sequencing reveals that genetic, environmental, and intrinsic factors influence variation of human antibody epitope repertoire

Gut mucosa dissociation protocols influence cell type proportions and single-cell gene expression levels

Single-Cell RNA Sequencing of Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells From Pediatric Coeliac Disease Patients Suggests Potential Pre-Seroconversion Markers

A Combined mRNA- and miRNA-Sequencing Approach Reveals miRNAs as Potential Regulators of the Small Intestinal Transcriptome in Celiac Disease

Circulating miRNAs as Potential Biomarkers for Celiac Disease Development

Inflammatory Protein Profiles in Plasma of Candidaemia Patients and the Contribution of Host Genetics to Their Variability

Integration of metabolomics, genomics, and immune phenotypes reveals the causal roles of metabolites in disease

Potential impact of celiac disease genetic risk factors on T cell receptor signaling in gluten-specific CD4+ T cells

Systematic Prioritization of Candidate Genes in Disease Loci Identifies TRAFD1 as a Master Regulator of IFN gamma Signaling in Celiac Disease

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Nieuwsbrief Stichting MS Research

MS is niet erfelijk, maar erfelijkheid speelt wel een rol

The life of Williem Dicke, who established gluten as the source of inflammation in Celiac disease.

De erfelijke aanleg in MS verklaard

Quel est le rôle des gènes dans l’intolérance au gluten ?

Interview for the magazine of the Dutch Coeliac Disease organization, Gluten Vrij

Krijgen we in de toekomst designerbaby’s?

Iris Jonkers and Sebo Withoff

We weten nog niet waar crispr knipt

DNA bevat een tweede informatielaag

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