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Practical matters How to find us prof. dr. I.F.A. (Iris F.A.) Vis

prof. dr. I.F.A. (Iris F.A.) Vis

Professor of Industrial Engineering

The teaching activities of Iris Vis mainly focus on initiating, designing and teaching a variety of courses in the domain of supply chain management and logistics to students in (international) Bachelor programmes, Master and (Dutch) PhD programmes. 

Managerial activities in education

2013 - 2020 Member of the board of the Dutch Graduate Program Operations Management &  Logistics
2011 - 2015 Program Chair M.Sc. Supply Chain Management, University of Groningen
2011 - 2015 Program Chair M.Sc. Technology and Operations Management, University of Groningen
2006 - 2010 Chair of the MScBA programme track Transport & Supply Chain Management (formerly Transport and Distribution Logistics) in the Master Business Administration, VU University Amsterdam


Courses University/Network
  • Supply Chain Network Design (M.Sc.; 2012-2015)
  • Research Methods SCM and TOM (M.Sc.; 2012-2016)
  • Analysis and Planning of Operations (Research M.Sc.; 2011-2015)
  • Thesis supervision (M.Sc. SCM/TOM/IE/OR/M.Phil)
  • Management Science (B.Sc.; 2014-2016)
  • Global Supply Chain Management (B.Sc.; 2011-2014)
  • Supply Chain Operations (B.Sc.; 2012-2013)
  • Honours research practical (2011-2013)
University of Groningen
  • Freight Transport Management (Ph.D.; 2014-2016)
Dutch Network OML
  • Analytical Quantitative Research (Ph.D.)
  • Research Seminars (Ph.D.)
  • Academic paper (Ph.D.)
  • Networks and Innovation (Ph.D.)
  • Decision Making in Supply Chains (M.Sc.; 2003-2011)
  • Start Thesis Transport and Supply Chain Management (M.Sc.; 2009-2011)
  • Research Seminar (M.Sc.; 2009-2011)
  • Academic Skills (M.Sc.; 2003-2006)
  • Thesis supervision (M.Sc.; 2002-2010)
  • Logistics and Operations Research (B.Sc.; 2002-2010)
VU University Amsterdam
  • Port and Hinterland Logistics (M.Sc.)
Antwerpen Management School
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