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2D disc modelling of the JWST line spectrum of EXLupi

Abundant hydrocarbons in the disk around a very-low-mass star

Case studies

FlopPITy: Enabling self-consistent exoplanet atmospheric retrievals with machine learning

Imaging detection of the inner dust belt and the four exoplanets in the HR 8799 system with JWST s MIRI coronagraph

Mapping the Vertical Gas Structure of the Planet-hosting PDS 70 Disk

MINDS: JWST/NIRCam imaging of the protoplanetary disk PDS 70 A spiral accretion stream and a potential third protoplanet

MINDS: The JWST MIRI Mid-INfrared Disk Survey

MINDS: The DR Tau disk: I. Combining JWST-MIRI data with high-resolution CO spectra to characterise the hot gas

MINDS. JWST/MIRI Reveals a Dynamic Gas-rich Inner Disk inside the Cavity of SY Cha

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