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Does the timing and duration of mental health problems during childhood and adolescence matter for labour market participation of young adults?

Identifying return to work trajectories among employees on sick leave due to mental health problems using latent class transition analysis

Investigating young adults' mental health and early working life trajectories from a life course perspective: the role of transitions

One-year trajectories of mental health and work outcomes post return to work in patients with common mental disorders

The Work Role Functioning Questionnaire v2.0 Showed Consistent Factor Structure Across Six Working Samples

Beyond Return to Work: The Effect of Multimorbidity on Work Functioning Trajectories After Sick Leave due to Common Mental Disorders

Job quality, health and at-work productivity

The capability set for work: development and validation of a new questionnaire

Fit Mind, Fit Job: From Evidence to Practice in Mental Health and Work

Mental Health and Work: Australia

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