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Postnatal Smoke Exposure Further Increases the Hepatic Nicotine Metabolism in Prenatally Smoke Exposed Male Offspring and Is Linked with Aberrant Cyp2a5 Methylation

Rifampicin Induces Gene, Protein, and Activity of P-Glycoprotein (ABCB1) in Human Precision-Cut Intestinal Slices

Carbosilane Dendrimers Loaded with siRNA Targeting Nrf2 as a Tool to Overcome Cisplatin Chemoresistance in Bladder Cancer Cells

Glutathione-responsive cyclodextrin-nanosponges as drug delivery systems for doxorubicin: Evaluation of toxicity and transport mechanisms in the liver

Prenatal smoke exposure induces persistent Cyp2a5 methylation and increases nicotine metabolism in the liver of neonatal and adult male offspring

Development of a Novel Ex-vivo 3D Model to Screen Amoebicidal Activity on Infected Tissue

Ex vivo toxicological evaluation of experimental anticancer gold(i) complexes with lansoprazole-type ligands

Growth factors of stem cell niche extend the life-span of precision-cut intestinal slices in culture: A proof-of-concept study

Human and rat precision-cut intestinal slices as ex vivo models to study bile acid uptake by the apical sodium-dependent bile acid transporter

Schot in behandelperspectief intoxicatie groene knolamaniet: Ex vivo-onderzoek met humane nier- en lever-slices

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