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External Validation of Mortality Prediction Models for Critical Illness Reveals Preserved Discrimination but Poor Calibration

The Relationship Between Caffeine Intake and Dry Eye Disease

A genome-wide association study of total child psychiatric problems scores

A Mendelian randomization cytokine screen reveals IL-13 as causal factor in risk of severe COVID-19

A multi-layer functional genomic analysis to understand noncoding genetic variation in lipids

A saturated map of common genetic variants associated with human height

Bioinformatic Prioritization and Functional Annotation of GWAS-Based Candidate Genes for Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma

Co-occurrence of chronic kidney disease and glaucoma: Epidemiology and etiological mechanisms

Correction to: Familial co-aggregation and shared heritability between depression, anxiety, obesity and substance use

Development and validation of a questionnaire-based myopia proxy in adults: the LifeLines Cohort Study

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DNA May Influence Your Reproductive Decisions