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Characterizing microglial gene expression in a model of secondary progressive multiple sclerosis

Microglia morphotyping in the adult mouse CNS using hierarchical clustering on principal components reveals regional heterogeneity but no sexual dimorphism

Intrinsic DNA damage repair deficiency results in progressive microglia loss and replacement

Systemic administration of beta-glucan induces immune training in microglia

Chimeric OHSCs as culture system to study microglia phenotypes

Inhibition of CXCR3-mediated chemotaxis by the human chemokine receptor-like protein CCX-CKR

Neuroprotective function for ramified microglia in hippocampal excitotoxicity

CXCL10/CXCR3 Signaling in Glia Cells Differentially Affects NMDA-Induced Cell Death in CA and DG Neurons of the Mouse Hippocampus

CCL21-induced calcium transients and proliferation in primary mouse astrocytes: CXCR3-dependent and independent responses

Neuron-glia interactions in the CNS: implication of CXCR3 signaling in excitotoxicity-induced neurodegeneration

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