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Characterization of Lipopolysaccharide Effects on LRRK2 Signaling in RAW Macrophages

C2GAP2 is a common regulator of Ras signaling for chemotaxis, phagocytosis, and macropinocytosis

Forty-five years of cGMP research in Dictyostelium: Understanding the regulation and function of the cGMP pathway for cell movement and chemotaxis

Membrane Targeting of C2GAP1 Enables Dictyostelium discoideum to Sense Chemoattractant Gradient at a Higher Concentration Range

Coordinated Ras and Rac Activity Shapes Macropinocytic Cups and Enables Phagocytosis of Geometrically Diverse Bacteria

A homologue of the Parkinson's disease-associated protein LRRK2 undergoes a monomer-dimer transition during GTP turnover

GPCR-controlled membrane recruitment of negative regulator C2GAP1 locally inhibits Ras signaling for adaptation and long-range chemotaxis

Direct Interaction between TalinB and Rap1 is necessary for adhesion of Dictyostelium cells

The small GTPases Ras and Rap1 bind to and control TORC2 activity

Conformational heterogeneity of the Roc domains in C. tepidum Roc-COR and implications for human LRRK2 Parkinson mutations

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