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How an array of discrete resonators, coupled by fluid, can reproduce the dynamics of click-evoked otoacoustic emissions.

Modulation of Vestibular Microphonics: A Historical Note

Modeling the characteristics of spontaneous otoacoustic emissions in lizards

Cochlear impulse responses resolved into sets of gammatones: the case for beating of closely spaced local resonances

Clusters in a chain of coupled oscillators behave like a single oscillator: Relevance to spontaneous otoacoustic emissions from human ears

Analysis of an impulse response measured at the basilar membrane of the chinchilla (L)

The vibrating reed frequency meter: digital investigation of an early cochlear model

A model for the relation between stimulus frequency and spontaneous otoacoustic emissions in lizard papillae

Are human spontaneous otoacoustic emissions generated by a chain of coupled nonlinear oscillators?

Hydrostatic fluid pressure in the vestibular organ of the guinea pig

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