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Chemical isotope labeling for quantitative proteomics

Stability of methylphenidate under various ph conditions in the presence or absence of gut microbiota

TEMPO‐Mediated Electrochemical N‐demethylation of Opiate Alkaloids

The Isotopic Ac-IP Tag Enables Multiplexed Proteome Quantification in Data-Independent Acquisition Mode

A Collision-Induced Dissociation Cleavable Isobaric Tag for Peptide Fragment Ion-Based Quantification in Proteomics

A Versatile Isobaric Tag Enables Proteome Quantification in Data-Dependent and Data-Independent Acquisition Modes

ElectrochemicalN-demethylation of tropane alkaloids

Gut bacterial deamination of residual levodopa medication for Parkinson's disease

Selective Maleylation-Directed Isobaric Peptide Termini Labeling for Accurate Proteome Quantification

Targeted imaging of integrins in cancer tissues using photocleavable Ru(ii) polypyridine complexes as mass-tags

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Sluipsuiker in je thee: fabrikanten gebruiken het woord 'aroma'