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Practical matters How to find us prof. dr. H. (Han) Olff

Research interests

I am interested in the structure and functioning of diverse communities and ecosystems, with special attention on how plants, herbivores, detritivores and predators interact in ecosystems. Working in a range of temperate to tropical ecosystems, I combine experimental work with the advancement of a various types new ecological theory. I frequently use the outcomes of this research for providing advice on nature conservation issues. 


Growth and population structure of bloody cockles Senilia senilis at Banc d’Arguin and Bijagós with different environmental conditions and harvesting regimes

The metamicrobiome: Key determinant of the homeostasis of nutrient recycling

Where land meets sea: Intertidal areas as key-habitats for sharks and rays

Camera traps enable the estimation of herbaceous aboveground net primary production (ANPP) in an African savanna at high temporal resolution

Characterizing bedforms in shallow seas as an integrative predictor of seafloor stability and the occurrence of macrozoobenthic species

Ecosysteemherstel door vijf jaar oude Marker Wadden

Explanations for nitrogen decline

Fossilized diatoms as indirect indicators of the origin of carbon stored in intertidal flats

Herbivore exclusion and active planting stimulate reed marsh development on a newly constructed archipelago

Initiating and upscaling mussel reef establishment with life cycle informed restoration: Successes and future challenges

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Een innovatie die het stikstofprobleem oplost, is die er wel?

Hoe de stadse Caroline van der Plas de stem van de boer werd

Op1 - Stikstofspecial

Illegale haaienvisserij in Mauritanië bedreigt wadvogels in Nederland

Haaien hebben wadden nodig, maar de Waddenzee mijden ze

Opinie: Doe zoals op de Veluwe, creëer overal nieuwe landschappen

Provincies weten van duizenden veehouders niet of ze juiste stikstofvergunning hebben

Twijfel over ecologische gevolgen van garnalenvisserij in de Waddenzee

'Stikstofreductie moet gebiedsgericht en met alle betrokkenen worden aangepakt'

Een robuustere natuur biedt ook de landbouw perspectief

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