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How to find us prof. dr. H. (Han) Olff

Research interests

I am interested in the structure and functioning of diverse communities and ecosystems, with special attention on how plants, herbivores, detritivores and predators interact in ecosystems. Working in a range of temperate to tropical ecosystems, I combine experimental work with the advancement of a various types new ecological theory. I frequently use the outcomes of this research for providing advice on nature conservation issues. 


Beyond connecting the dots: A multi-scale, multi-resolution approach to marine habitat mapping

Conservation implications of Sabellaria spinulosa reef patches in a dynamic sandy-bottom environment

How grazing management can maximize erosion resistance of salt marshes

Industrial fishing near West African Marine Protected Areas and its potential effects on mobile marine predators

Mangrove-mudflat connectivity shapes benthic communities in a tropical intertidal system

Potential micro-plastics dispersal and accumulation in the North Sea, with application to the MSC Zoe incident

Reciprocal facilitation between annual plants and burrowing crabs: Implications for the restoration of degraded saltmarshes

Agroecology in large scale farming: A research agenda

Linking the morphology and ecology of subtidal soft-bottom marine benthic habitats: A novel multiscale approach

Long-term changes in seagrass and benthos at Banc d’Arguin, Mauritania, the premier intertidal system along the East Atlantic Flyway

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Wolf bedreigt moeflon op Hoge Veluwe, kwestie van smaak of dat erg is

Nederland moet hard op zoek naar natuur om te beschermen

Provincie: 'Onderzoek naar stikstof in Drentse bodem niet onder de pet gehouden'

Heechleararen kritysk op stroomkabel troch Skiermûntseach

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Manure injection detrimental to meadow birds

‘Uitsterven diersoorten minder massaal dan gedacht’: nieuwe waarheid of rekentruc?

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