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Classical lepidopteran wing scale colouration in the giant butterfly-moth

Magnificent magpie colours by feathers with layers of hollow melanosomes

High refractive index of melanin in shiny occipital feathers of a bird of paradise

Coloration principles of nymphaline butterflies: Thin films, melanin, ommochromes and wing scale stacking

Iridescent flowers?: Contribution of surface structures to optical signaling

The colouration toolkit of the pipevine swallowtail butterfly, Battus philenor: Thin films, papiliochromes, and melanin

Quantifying the refractive index dispersion of a pigmented biological tissue using Jamin-Lebedeff interference microscopy

Glass scales on the wing of the swordtail butterfly Graphium sarpedon act as thin film polarizing reflectors

Sexual Dichromatism of the Damselfly Calopteryx japonica Caused by a Melanin-Chitin Multilayer in the Male Wing Veins

Dramatic colour changes in a bird of paradise caused by uniquely structured breast feather barbules

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