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Causes and consequences of divorce in a long-lived socially monogamous bird

Implications of adult sex ratios for natal dispersal in a cooperative breeder

A major myna problem: Invasive predator removal benefits female survival and population growth of a translocated island endemic

DNA methylation markers of age(ing) in non-model animals

Lifetime inclusive fitness effects of cooperative polygamy in the acorn woodpecker

Meta-research: The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the gender gap in research productivity within academia

Territory inheritance and the evolution of cooperative breeding in the acorn woodpecker

Testing the environmental buffering hypothesis of cooperative breeding in the Seychelles warbler

The impact of helping experience on helper life-history and fitness in a cooperatively breeding bird

The long-lasting legacy of reproduction: lifetime reproductive success shapes expected genetic contributions of humans after ten generations

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Women in academia lose out - The Covid penalty

Eva zoekt uit: Waarom gaan we dood?

‘Hot air in Glasgow means it’s time for radical leadership’: Read full letter signed by more than 200 academics

Open Research Award 2021: de winnaars

A warning on climate and the risk of societal collapse

Seychelles: $78,000 Donation for Nature Seychelles Will Rebuild Cousin Island Research Centre

Tummy rumbles? Otters juggle pebbles when hungry, study finds

Codger badger- Britain’s oldest ever badger Bertie, 20, lined up for luxury retirement

Countering gender bias at conferences

Study finds women biologists more likely to avoid spotlight at conferences

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