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Practical matters How to find us dr. H. (Hildeberto) Jardon Kojakhmetov

Research interests

Dynamical Systems, Singular Perturbations


Controlling Canard Cycles

Discrete-time Layered-network Epidemics Model with Time-varying Transition Rates and Multiple Resources

The hyperbolic umbilic singularity in fast-slow systems

A geometric analysis of the SIRS epidemiological model on a homogeneous network

A geometric analysis of the SIR, SIRS and SIRWS epidemiological models

A survey on the blow-up method for fast-slow systems

Geometric analysis of oscillations in the Frzilator model

Extended and Symmetric Loss of Stability for Canards in Planar Fast-Slow Maps

On Fast–Slow Consensus Networks with a Dynamic Weight

Stabilization of a class of slow-fast control systems at non-hyperbolic points

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