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Gene Fusion and Directed Evolution to Break Structural Symmetry and Boost Catalysis by an Oligomeric C‐C Bond‐Forming Enzyme

Structural Elucidation and Engineering of a Bacterial Carbohydrate Oxidase

Catalytic and structural properties of ATP-dependent caprolactamase from Pseudomonas jessenii

Computational Redesign of an ω-Transaminase from Pseudomonas jessenii for Asymmetric Synthesis of Enantiopure Bulky Amines

Engineering Thermostability in Artificial Metalloenzymes to Increase Catalytic Activity

From Thiol-Subtilisin to Omniligase: Design and Structure of a Broadly Applicable Peptide Ligase

Kinetic and structural properties of a robust bacterial L-amino acid oxidase

Mutational and structural analysis of an ancestral fungal dye decolorizing peroxidase

Unlocking Asymmetric Michael Additions in an Archetypical Class I Aldolase by Directed Evolution

Characterization of the starch surface binding site on Bacillus paralicheniformis α-amylase

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