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11β-HSD1 inhibition in men mitigates prednisolone-induced adverse effects in a proof-of-concept randomised double-blind placebo-controlled trial

Concentration gradients of monoamines, their precursors and metabolites in serial lumbar cerebrospinal fluid of neurologically healthy patients determined with a novel LC–MS/MS technique

Discriminatory value of steroid hormones on polycystic ovary syndrome in women with infertility and obesity

Kynurenine metabolites predict survival in pulmonary arterial hypertension: A role for IL-6/IL-6R alpha

Pepsin pretreatment corrects underestimation of 25-hydroxyvitamin D measurement by an automated immunoassay in subjects with high vitamin D binding protein levels

Pharmacokinetic Modeling of Hydrocortisone by Including Protein Binding to Corticosteroid-Binding Globulin

Selective quantification of the 22-kDa isoform of human growth hormone 1 in serum and plasma by immunocapture and LC-MS/MS

Susceptibility to Adrenal Crisis Is Associated With Differences in Cortisol Excretion in Patients With Secondary Adrenal Insufficiency

Systematic analysis of relationships between plasma branched-chain amino acid concentrations and cardiometabolic parameters: an association and Mendelian randomization study

The increasing importance of LNAA supplementation in phenylketonuria at higher plasma phenylalanine concentrations

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