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Choice of DNA extraction method affects stool microbiome recovery and subsequent phenotypic association analyses

Host genetic regulation of human gut microbial structural variation

Mucosal host-microbe interactions associate with clinical phenotypes in inflammatory bowel disease

The Peri-Implant Microbiome-A Possible Factor Determining the Success of Surgical Peri-Implantitis Treatment?

Anaerobic Feces Processing for Fecal Microbiota Transplantation Improves Viability of Obligate Anaerobes

Analysis of microbial composition and sharing in low-biomass human milk samples: a comparison of DNA isolation and sequencing techniques

Beyond butyrate: microbial fiber metabolism supporting colonic epithelial homeostasis

Effects of ileocolonic delivered vitamin B2, B3 and C (ColoVit) or the Groningen anti-inflammatory diet on disease course and microbiome of patients with Crohn's disease (VITA-GrAID study): a protocol for a randomised and partially blinded trial.

Exposure of anti-infective drugs and the dynamic changes of the gut microbiota during gastrointestinal mucositis in autologous stem cell transplant patients: a pilot study

Faecalibacterium prausnitzii promotes intestinal epithelial IL-18 production through activation of the HIF1α pathway

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Darmbacteriën worden door bloedgroep A suikers gevoed en houden je gezond

Is een hartaanval of beroerte overdraagbaar?

Is het écht zo vies om je schoenen aan te houden in huis?

Hoe vaak was ik mijn handdoeken?

’Misschien te proper’

Ruimtestation ISS rijp voor schoonmaakbeurt

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