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Inferring the effect of species interactions on trait evolution

The evolution of social philopatry in female primates

Damping of waves of agitation in starling flocks

Physics-based simulations of aerial attacks by peregrine falcons reveal that stooping at high speed maximizes catch success against agile prey

Testing the intermediate disturbance hypothesis in species-poor systems: A simulation experiment for mangrove forests

The influence of ecological and geographic limits on the evolution of species distributions and diversity

The confusion effect when attacking simulated three-dimensional starling flocks

The effect of male incubation feeding on female nest attendance and reproductive performance in a socially monogamous bird

The effect of ambient temperature, habitat quality and individual age on incubation behaviour and incubation feeding in a socially monogamous songbird

Diffusion and topological neighbours in flocks of starlings: relating a model to empirical data

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