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H.H. (Harm Heye) Coordes

PhD student
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Harm Coordes is an Artistic PhD candidate in the Department of Art History and Material Culture (RUG) and the Department of Art and Design (University of the Arts Bremen). His research focuses on the interconnection of individual or collective meaning to a fashion collection/brand through immersive and participatory fashion performances to generate a sustainable consumption model. The practice-led research draws upon discourse analyses, phenomenology and observations of fashion as a system of communication. It is based on exemplary case studies that are developed in the context of the fashion project ‘CHURCH OF THE HAND’ (COTH), which creates immersive rooms of experience that lie between fashion, installation, sound, taste, haptics and performance. Within these rooms, active audience participation and a staged concentration on certain processes focus on the appreciation of often overseen aspects of everyday life, and the empowering effect of making. Before joining the Artistic PhD Program in Groningen/Bremen, Harm studied Design at the University of the Arts Bremen, held positions as lecturer in different fashion-related fields at University of the Arts Bremen and University of Applied Sciences Berlin and continues to work on projects related to fashion, theatre and pedagogy as an freelance designer/artist.

Other positions

Doctoral Research Fellow of the University of the Arts Bremen
Research Assistant, University of the Art Bremen
Lecturer, University of Applied Sciences Berlin
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Contact information

Oude Boteringestraat 34
9712 GK Groningen
The Netherlands