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University Medical Center Groningen

dr. H.H. (Hendrikus) Boersma

Ziekenhuisapotheker/ QP/ Universitair docent



Last update:  26/02/2018


Name:                                      Hendrikus Hessel Boersma

Date of Birth:                          June 28, 1968, Leeuwarden, the Netherlands




1999- 2006 PhD thesis: ‘’Annexin A5: Pharmacology, radiopharmaceutical aspects and cell death imaging”, University of Maastricht, Maastricht, the Netherlands. Date of successful thesis defense:  6 April, 2006

2001-2003 Training in Clinical Pharmacology. Date of certification: 11-04-2003. Re-certification in 2008 and 2014.

1998-2000 Training in Clinical Pharmacy, UniversityHospitalMaastricht, Maastricht, the Netherlands. Licensed as a Hospital Pharmacist as per 01-11-2000.

BIG-registration no 09048182617

1998 Certificate in Radiation Safety (“Nivo 3-diploma”)

1996 PharmD, University of Groningen, the Netherlands. Date of examination: 29-08-1996


Positions held

2014-current  Associate Investigator for CMI and Guide/ Vascular Ageing Program.

2013-current Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Groningen, UMC Groningen

2009-current Clinical Pharmacist, Clinical Pharmacologist and Qualified Person, senior staff  member, Department of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, UMC Groningen.

2007-current Clinical Pharmacist, Clinical Pharmacologist and Qualified Person, senior staff member, Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacology, UMC Groningen.

2004/2005 Visiting researcher, Department of Cardiology, University of California, Irvine, CA, USA (4 weeks total)

2000-2007 Clinical Pharmacist, Clinical Pharmacologist, (senior) staff member, Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Toxicology, University Hospital Maastricht, Maastricht, the Netherlands.

1997 Project pharmacist, Slotervaart Hospital, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

1996-1997  QA-pharmacist, TRAMARKO, Almere, the Netherlands




 -Internships for PhD students or Postdocs atMount Sinai Medical Center,New York.In close collaboration with Dr. Jagat Narula, we can offer the best PhD students under our supervision a stay of 1-2 y at the Department of Cardiology at Mount Sinai, New York. The first internship was accomplished by Hans de Haas.


- Realization of 2 masterprojects at Mount Sinai Medical Center,New York. In close   

collaboration with Dr. Jagat Narula, we could offer 2 PharmD students a 3 month research internship at the department of Cardiology in 2012 and 2013.

- Realization of 5 masterprojects at Yale University (New Haven, USA) and Karolinska Institute (Stockholm, Sweden) in 2013/ 2015.


-Member of the UMCG Medical Ethics Review Board (2008-2018)


Functions and activities


Patient care/ Hospital Organization Activities

-     Certified for Clinical Pharmacy (BIG-registration no 09048182617) and Clinical Pharmacology (Certification in 2003 and 2008, 2014)

-     Qualified Person for the release of Clinical trial material and involved in the development of radiopharmaceutical products for (pre-)clinical use (since 2008).

-     Clinical pharmacist involved in the daily services of the Hospital Pharmacy and especially involved in the co-ordination and release of regular and experimental (radio-) pharmaceuticals

-     Co-ordination of (pre-)clinical studies in co-operation with peer investigators and/ or the pharmaceutical industry

-     Coordination of the Medi/EVS electronic prescription system (2007-2014)

-     Member of the Steering Group Electronic Prescription (2007-2011)

-     University Hospital Maastricht: member of several committees concerning Pharmacotherapy, Infection Policy and Working Area Safety (2000-2007)



-     Dutch Society of Hospital Pharmacy

-     Dutch Society of Nuclear Medicine

-     Dutch Society of Clinical Pharmacology.

-     Dutch Association for the advancement of Pharmacy


External Activities

-     Member of ad-hoc visitation committees for the Dutch Society of Nuclear Medicine (2007-current)

-     CCKL auditor (2007-2016)

-     Member of the Special Interest Group Radiopharmacy of the Dutch Society of Hospital Pharmacists (2003-current).

-     Deputy Member of the Maximá Medical Center Medical Ethics Review Board (2005-2008), Eindhoven, the Netherlands

-     Member of the IZAAZ purchasing group for Hospital Pharmacists of University Medical Centers (2005-2007)

-     Member of the MAASTRO Medical Ethics Review Board (2003-2006), Heerlen, the Netherlands

-     Member of the Special Interest Group Biotechnology of the Dutch Society of Hospital Pharmacists (1999-2007)


Teaching and Training

-     Lectures for pharmacy students.

-     Coaching of students (pharmacy and medicine) during their research elective at the Department of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging and/ or the Department of Clinical and Hospital Pharmacy.

-     Coaching of several PhD-students and postdocs.

-     With the Cardiovascular Imaging Group Groningen: Organization of weekly research meetings on Cardiovascular Imaging.

-     Participates in training of clinical pharmacists

-     Member of the jury during several PhD-thesis defenses (2012- current)

-     Postgraduate teaching in radiopharmaceutical and imaging topics in the Netherlands, as well as abroad (EANM/IAEA/ QP-Association).

-     Educator for national radiopharmacy education for residents in Nuclear Medicine and Clinical Pharmacy.



Co-supervisor of PhD theses


  1. lmplementation of Guidelines on Hospital Radiopharmacy in low income settings. Fany Ekoume (in Co-operation with StellenboschUniversity). Started in 2015 as a PhD-student.
  2. Cardiovascular imaging: anabolic steroids and the renal axis (working title) . Jurgen W.A. Sijbesma,  started as a PhD-student in 2013.
  3. Frontiers of Cardiovascular Imaging (working title) Hans J. de Haas, BSc, BA, MD/PhD-student, PhD-thesis defense foreseen in 2018, together with Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York, USA 
  4. Novel visualization techniques towards identification of atherosclerotic patients at risk. Nynke Jager, MD/PhD-student, successful PhD-thesis defense December 10, 2014.
  5. New Targets in Cardiovascular Imaging Reza Golestani, MD,  successful PhD-thesis defense on May 22, 2013
  6. Also involved in the PhD-trajects of Stefanie de Boer, Ruben Buys and Luis E..Juárez Orozco.

See Pure for all publications I was involved in.

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