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Design of Peptide Hydroxamate-Based Photoreactive Activity-Based Probes of Zinc-Dependent Metalloproteases

Expression of ADAMs ("a disintegrin and metalloprotease") in the human lung

Lipid-soluble components in cigarette smoke induce mitochondrial production of reactive oxygen species in lung epithelial cells

A peptide hydroxamate library for enrichment of metalloproteinases: towards an affinity-based metalloproteinase profiling protocol

An integrated high-performance liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry system for the activity-dependent analysis of matrix metalloproteases

Anti-inflammatory Effects of Combined Budesonide/Formoterol in COPD Exacerbations

Carbon monoxide blocks oxidative stress-induced hepatocyte apoptosis via inhibition of the p54 JNK isoform

Effect of ciclesonide treatment on allergen-induced changes in T cell regulation in asthma

Cigarette smoke irreversibly modifies glutathione in airway epithelial cells

Cigarette smoke-induced blockade of the mitochondrial respiratory chain switches lung epithelial cell apoptosis into necrosis

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