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How to find us H. (Hakan) Çakmak, MSc

H. (Hakan) Çakmak, MSc

PhD student
H. (Hakan) Çakmak, MSc


Broadly speaking, I am interested in what motivates advantaged group members to behave anti- and pro-socially to members of other (mostly disadvantaged) groups. With regards to anti-social behaviours, I have researched the links between intergroup conspiracy beliefs (i.e. anti-Islamic conspiracy beliefs) and the justification of violence against disadvantaged groups (i.e. Muslim population in the UK) in the British context during my master's degree.

As for the roots of prosocial behaviours, I am currently investigating motivational & emotional underpinnings of intergroup solidarity for my doctoral project. In this line of research, I focus on how advantaged group members (i.e. males, native people in Western democracies, Whites in the US) express solidarity for disadvantaged groups' (i.e. females, immigrants and refugees, Blacks in the US) sufferings. I conduct my PhD studies under the supervision of Prof Dr Katherine E. Stroebe & Prof Dr Ernestine H. Gordijn.
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