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H. (Hakan) Çakmak, MSc

PhD student
H. (Hakan) Çakmak, MSc


Broadly speaking, I am interested in what motivates high-status group members to behave anti- and pro-socially to members of other (mostly low-status) groups. During my master's degree, I've concentrated on the roots of anti-social behaviours. Specifically, I researched the links between different British national attachment styles and the justification of violence against the Muslim minority in the UK with a special focus on the roles of Islamoprejudice and Islam-related conspiracy beliefs.
As for the roots of prosocial behaviours, I am currently investigating motivational & emotional underpinnings of intergroup solidarity for my doctoral project. In this line of research, I focus on how high-status group members (i.e. males, native people in Western democracies, Whites in the US) express solidarity for sufferings of low-status groups (i.e. females, immigrants and refugees, Blacks in the US). I conduct my PhD studies under the supervision of Prof Dr Katherine E. Stroebe & Prof Dr Ernestine H. Gordijn.
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