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Antimicrobial loading of nanotubular titanium surfaces favoring surface coverage by mammalian cells over bacterial colonization

Candida Biofilm Formation Assay on Essential Oil Coated Silicone Rubber

Clearance of ESKAPE Pathogens from Blood Using Bacterially Activated Macrophage Membrane-Coated Silicon Nanowires

Escherichia coli Colonization of Intestinal Epithelial Layers In Vitro in the Presence of Encapsulated Bifidobacterium breve for Its Protection against Gastrointestinal Fluids and Antibiotics

Influence of interaction between surface-modified magnetic nanoparticles with infectious biofilm components in artificial channel digging and biofilm eradication by antibiotics in vitro and in vivo

Influence of sub-inhibitory concentrations of antimicrobials on micrococcal nuclease and biofilm formation in Staphylococcus aureus

Interfacial interactions between protective, surface-engineered shells and encapsulated bacteria with different cell surface composition dagger

Lubricating properties of chewing stimulated whole saliva from patients suffering from xerostomia

Nonviral Expression of LL-37 in a Human Skin Equivalent to Prevent Infection in Skin Wounds

PAMAM dendrimers with dual-conjugated vancomycin and Ag-nanoparticles do not induce bacterial resistance and kill vancomycin-resistant Staphylococci

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