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Evaluation and optimization of ICOS atmosphere station data as part of the labeling process

Simultaneous measurement of δ 13C δ 18O and δ 17O of atmospheric CO 2- Performance assessment of a dual-laser absorption spectrometer

Characterisation of methane sources in Lutjewad, The Netherlands, using quasi-continuous isotopic composition measurements

Evaluation of a field-deployable Nafion (TM)-based air-drying system for collecting whole air samples and its application to stable isotope measurements of CO2

The fingerprint of the summer 2018 drought in Europe on ground-based atmospheric CO(2)measurements

A UAV-based active AirCore system for measurements of greenhouse gases

Inverse modelling of European CH4 emissions during 2006-2012 using different inverse models and reassessed atmospheric observations

Evaluation of the boundary layer dynamics of the TM5 model over Europe

Atmospheric transport and chemistry of trace gases in LMDz5B: evaluation and implications for inverse modelling

JRC Ispra EMEP - GAW Regional Station for Atmospheric Research: 2010 Report

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