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Diurnal variability of atmospheric O2, CO2, and their exchange ratio above a boreal forest in southern Finland

Near-real-time CO2fluxes from CarbonTracker Europe for high-resolution atmospheric modeling

An automated method for thermal-optical separation of aerosol organic/elemental carbon for 13C analysis at the sub-μgC level: A comprehensive assessment

Comment on "world Atmospheric CO2, Its 14C Specific Activity, Non-fossil Component, Anthropogenic Fossil Component, and Emissions (1750-2018)," by Kenneth Skrable, George Chabot, and Clayton French

Final report on pilot study CCQM-P211: carbon isotope delta measurements of vanillin

First use of triply labelled water analysis for energy expenditure measurements in mice

Minimum requirements for publishing hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and sulfur stable-isotope delta results (IUPAC Technical Report)

Standard atomic weights of the elements 2021 (IUPAC Technical Report)

13C signatures of aerosol organic and elemental carbon from major combustion sources in China compared to worldwide estimates

The Table of Standard Atomic Weights—An exercise in consensus

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