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An automated method for thermal-optical separation of aerosol organic/elemental carbon for 13C analysis at the sub-μgC level: A comprehensive assessment

Final report on pilot study CCQM-P211: carbon isotope delta measurements of vanillin

First use of triply labelled water analysis for energy expenditure measurements in mice

13C signatures of aerosol organic and elemental carbon from major combustion sources in China compared to worldwide estimates

Two decades of flask observations of atmospheric (O2/N2), CO2, and APO at stations Lutjewad (the Netherlands) and Mace Head (Ireland), and 3 years from Halley station (Antarctica)

An independent assessment of uncertainty for radiocarbon analysis with the new generation high-yield accelerator mass spectrometers

A stable isotope toolbox for water and inorganic carbon cycle studies

Simultaneous measurement of δ 13C δ 18O and δ 17O of atmospheric CO 2- Performance assessment of a dual-laser absorption spectrometer

USGS44, a new high purity calcium carbonate reference material for δ13 C measurements

Absolute isotope ratios of carbon dioxide a feasibility study

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