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An automated method for thermal-optical separation of aerosol organic/elemental carbon for 13C analysis at the sub-μgC level: A comprehensive assessment

Final report on pilot study CCQM-P211: carbon isotope delta measurements of vanillin

First use of triply labelled water analysis for energy expenditure measurements in mice

A stable isotope toolbox for water and inorganic carbon cycle studies

An independent assessment of uncertainty for radiocarbon analysis with the new generation high-yield accelerator mass spectrometers

Simultaneous measurement of δ 13C δ 18O and δ 17O of atmospheric CO 2- Performance assessment of a dual-laser absorption spectrometer

USGS44, a new high purity calcium carbonate reference material for δ13 C measurements

Absolute isotope ratios of carbon dioxide a feasibility study

delta C-13 signatures of organic aerosols: Measurement method evaluation and application in a source study

Evaluation of a field-deployable Nafion (TM)-based air-drying system for collecting whole air samples and its application to stable isotope measurements of CO2

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